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The Rbmake Project

Rbmake is a "book maker" for the Rocket eBook. It consists of a set of commandline tools that assemble or disassemble .rb files -- the book format that is native to the ReB. The C code also contains a library of routines that can be linked into other applications.

Rbmake is being hosted at, so feel free to visit its project page. There you'll find the links you need to download the source or binaries, report bugs, and chat on the mailing list. Also, feel free to check out the ChangeLog file or to email the author. I'd love to hear from people who'd like to help out, or are just enjoying the tools.

Authoring Tips

If you're creating content for the Rocket eBook, you should check out the new Authoring Tips page. This will help you to get the most out of rbmake in those times when you want to take full control of the tags.

New Features

If you're just trying to see what's new, be sure to visit the tools page to see a few of the new things that various tools can do. The newest items will always be on the top of the list of features. Also, don't miss the sample option files that show off some of the advanced configuration features of rbmake.

Install Notes

If you're installing the Win32 zip files, all the relevant EXEs are already supplied for you in one zip file: Unzip this into a single directory, and put that directory on your PATH (or choose a directory that is already on your path) and you're done.

The source and rpm releases require the presence of a couple other packages for you to be able to build and/or install rbmake. If you are installing the binary rpm, all the relevant dependencies will be checked automatically for you, especially the first item in the following list:


These items are needed for both the binary and source distributions.


These items are optional if you build your own version from source. If you get one of my binary releases, you need to install binary versions of these to get the rpm to install.


The following item is not currently used in my binary releases, and has not been used by me in quite some time (let me know if you encounter any problems):


You can read about the commandline tools, the library interface, or a summary of how the .rb file is put together.

Also available is the rbmake documentation pages in .rb book format.

Rbmake was created by Wayne Davison with some hashing code written by Geoffrey Collyer and some image routines written by Jef Poskanzer. See the license information for more detailed copyright info.